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Business introductions are followed by an exchange of business cards

Detailed information can be shared in a brochure

Job Interviews include the presentation of a resume

Your Marketing and Sales will be enhanced by a "real-time" Web Site

Goodenough Web Site Services builds "real-time" Web Sites. Your Site will be a "real-time" Site when you work with Jim to keep the information, text, photos, and applications updated. There is nothing worse than seeing last Summer's big event, party, or sales promotion still on your upcoming events page in the Spring. Or worse yet, your Employee of the Month photo is from April of 1997.

Work with Goodenough Web Site Services to have your sales promotions current. Have the photos of your recent grand opening posted within a day of the event. Keep your Web Site "real-time".

Features of a "real-time" Web Site:

  • Online home of a business
  • Showcase your Business, Owner, or Employees
  • Portfolio of projects, products, and events
  • Crisp, fast, elegant, not too flashy
  • Frequent updates
  • Informative text
  • Interesting graphics and photographs
  • Current news and information

Content in a "real-time" Web Site:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • Schedules
  • Directions
  • Sales
  • Promotions
  • Ads
  • Specials
  • Employee of the month photos
  • Store-front and in-store photos
  • Discount coupons
  • Events
  • Customer feedback and photos
  • Newsletter
  • Weekly article
  • Shopping cart
  • Real Estate listings
  • Site-usage statistics
  • "50 reasons why you should use our services"
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • "Intra-Net" (internal company chat and forums)
Type of Account Characteristics Fees
Single Page Modifications to an existing page on an existing Web Site $75
Single Page Creation of a new page on an existing Web Site $150
Personal Page A small Web Site suited for an individual who wants to get started Negotiated
Business or Personal
A limited number of pages (4-5) that briefly introduce a Business to its customers. Typically involves the Business owner providing their own photos and text to Goodenough Web Site Services during the development of the site $1500
Event The Event Site is meant to advertise, inform, and report on the details and success of your event. In advance of the event, promotional details are emphasized. After the event photographs and news are displayed. $1500 and up
Business A fully developed Business site with many of the features and content listed above. Goodenough Web Site Services typically works 1-on-1 with the Business owner to generate text and graphics for the site. $2500-$5000
Commercial The commercial account involves all of the features of the Business Site, and includes monthly maintenance of critical features such as a newsgroup, shopping cart, or statistics $5000-$10000
These fees are representative of Goodenough Web site Service's Rates. All fees are subject to change. Consultation and quotation on your Web Site project is free.

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